Community Transformation

WOW’s approach to community transformation begins with a local champion. We only work in communities where a leader, or group of leaders has demonstrated a Christ-like commitment to serve and use the resources available to them. This approach ensures that the community will not grow dependent on outside support, but rather, outside support will only enhance the impact and outreach of their efforts. In the words of Pastor Eric Mwambelo, a local champion in Zambia, “the transformation we are talking about begins in the heart. When the heart is transformed, the community will be transformed”.

A monthly gift of $39 supports life-changing projects and programs like the following:


Community Centres Home-Based
Pre-School Services Feeding Programs
Gender-Based Violence
Education HIV and AIDS Support Groups


As the epicenter of transformation, Community Centres equip and empower communities across sub-Saharan Africa.  They provide services and resources that bring hope to overcome the devastation brought about by HIV and AIDS.

Within the four walls of each Community Centre young mothers are taught how to care for their children, teenagers learn the importance of healthy behavior including sexual purity and orphans are educated with the knowledge and skills they need to be leaders within their communities.  These Centres also house pre-school services and provide daily feeding programs for children in need of nutrition and ongoing care.

Widows like Mrs. Saidi, whose life became extremely difficult when her husband passed away. She struggled to provide enough food for her family of seven children but there never seemed to be enough.  Mrs. Saidi turned to the Community Center WOW had established in her community for support, and because of the gifts of our faithful donors, we were able to meet her needs.  Mrs. Saidi was able to receive small-business training and a microfinance loan.  Today she has her own business selling groundnut flour which helps her provide food for her children and pay for their school fees.

WOW is planning to build Community Centres in several communities across sub-Saharan Africa.  Your support will help build each Center and help purchase permits, supplies and furniture.  Your gifts are already being put to work as we have just completed Community Centers in Malawi, Zambia, South Africa, Mozambique, DRC, Nigeria and Zimbabwe. Back to programs



Home-Based Care volunteers visit the homes of vulnerable people in their communities to bring help, comfort, and basic needs on a regular basis. Often, the people they visit have no other family or relatives to help them. Support for HBC equips the volunteers with emergency food packs and basic medical supplies like painkillers. Additionally, funding provides transportation so the HBC volunteers can bring people to clinics for HIV testing and antiretroviral therapy. HBC volunteers cook, clean, wash and most importantly, comfort the vulnerable people they visit. Often working in pairs, one volunteer will perform chores while the other will sit and pray, read the Bible, and perhaps sing some hymns with the person they are caring for. Many people have come into a relationship with Jesus through the witness of servant-like, compassionate HBC volunteers. Back to programs

Read an update about Home-Based Care in Mgona!



Longterm sustainability is one of the critical elements of WOW’s work in communities. Income generating activities (IGAs) subsidize the costs of running schools, feeding programs and home-based care leading to greater community self-sufficiency. WOW works especially with widows and helps them initiate IGAs so they can support their families and give back to their communities. From sewing, farming, animal husbandry, tea rooms, jewellery, soap making and more, community sponsorship helps fund skills-training and equipment for much-needed IGA opportunities! Back to programs



For pre-school aged children between two and five years old, proper nutrition and care are essential during this critical development stage. WOW equips preschool programs with daily feeding, early education, and some health care resources to benefit young children and their mothers.

Perhaps one of the most important things about preschool services is that it offers is a place of refuge for precious children who might otherwise be left alone during the day. In places with a high HIV and AIDS prevalence, children who have lost one or both parents rarely have a caregiver who is able to supervise them at all times, posing a seriously danger to their wellbeing. Preschool services in WOW sponsored communities offer a safe haven where small children receive caring attention, nutritious food, and early education.  Back to programs



WOW provides resources for volunteer widows to cook a meal for the orphans, vulnerable children, and people living with HIV and AIDS in their communities. These meals are nutritious, and for many will be the only full meal they have in a day.  Back to programs



Out of Community Centres, church leaders and pastors meet regularly to study the Word, discuss God’s calling in their community, and organize the ways in which their local church is going to serve people in need. Check out the Discipleship page to learn more about how WOW equips and supports pastors on the field!  Back to programs



A new generation of Christian youth is rising up from WOW sponsored communities. These teens meet weekly to learn from each other and elders about leadership, serving their communities, and Christ’s plan for their lives. Support from WOW helps provide leadership curricula and an annual Youth Conference in which over 2,000 young Africans attend. Empowered by a loving God, they are becoming role models within their communities and initiating a number of kind acts to serve widows and orphans. From fixing roofs, fetching water, and providing childcare, these teens are truly making an impact!  Back to programs



WOW is empowering women across our sponsored communities to stand up and turn the tide against gender-based violence. Through support groups, Bible studies, and rape counsellors, people’s minds and attitudes are changing: vulnerable women and girls have rights and must be protected from exploitation. One of the most influential tools has been the Silent No More campaign. Wearing “Silent No More” t-shirts, the women of Mtandile, Malawi rose up together in to bring a perpetrator to justice after he attacked a five year-old girl in their village. Gender-based violence is multi-fauceted and complex issue but through education, income-generating activities, counselling and campaigns like Silent No More, community support is making a difference.  Back to programs



Education is key to transformation. A child equipped with knowledge and skills is empowered to overcome the obstacles of extreme poverty. Through community sponsorship, WOW is equipping schools and students across sub-Saharan Africa in a number of ways including: teacher incentives and wages, school-run income-generating activities, and providing fees for children who cannot afford to go to school. Every year, our WOW Christmas campaign provides nearly 5,000 vulnerable children with school uniforms and supplies!  Back to programs



Support group member in Mngwangwa, Malawi weighing in and receiving Selenunium supplements

For persons living with HIV and AIDS, community support groups are critical for physical, spiritual, and emotional health. On a weekly basis, they come together to learn about nutrition, supplements, and antiretroviral therapy (ARVs) from a community health educator. Through bible studies, prayer, and counselling amongst the group, individuals no longer have to suffer by themselves – they have the support of a community. Read about the amazing impact support groups are having in Mngwangwa!

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