The mission of this event, should you choose to accept it, is to send 100 kids in Zambia to school for a whole year; changing their lives, and the course of history forever!

We believe that every child deserves, and has the potential, to pursue their goals and dreams. And we believe that access to education is not only the key to unlocking this potential but a human right.

Today there are 1.2 million orphans in Zambia. 800,000 have been orphaned due to HIV & AIDS. That about the population of Hamilton, Burlington & Stoney Creek combined!

Your Mission:

To send 100 orphans in Zambia to school. 

The cost of your ticket not only ensures that a child in Zambia receives the school uniform and academic supplies they need to attend school,   the uniform is also sewn by women in the community, allowing them to support their families with dignity. School supplies are purchased at local businesses to help fuel the Zambian economy.


Mission Improvable featuresThe Dandies (Toronto) and Scared Scriptless (Niagara) for an improv adventure; an evening of interactive laughter & fun peppered with group trivia and prizes along with guest performer Jesse Robbins during mingle time. The show will benefit orphans and vulnerable children in Zambia amp; who have been affected by HIV & AIDS– $25 ensures that a child can attend school for a whole year!

Your “Division Seven” Mission Instructions:

One: Purchase your ticket NOW on Eventbrite (early bird tickets now $25, $30 after Jan 31st)

Two: Attend the event at 7pm Saturday February 24th at Mills Hardware (95 King Street East Hamilton)