What if every church
made it its mission to
serve the vulnerable?


Our Work


WOW specializes exclusively on the primary calling to dying orphans and widows. This ministry to the dying is called “Home Based Care” (HBC). We make thousands of HBC visits every year. These are made by our “army” of local church volunteers (mainly widows themselves) who lovingly care for the dying with great dignity, and lead these precious souls to Jesus before they die.

“I love being a Home Based Care Volunteer because I believe it is one way of me living the testimony I am.  Each time I see a patient, my life is able to speak to them because I tell them how sick I was and now I am OK.  So being a volunteer is about you living it: you showing them that they’ll be better. So with that I am really happy because I get to share with them my life experiences as well as share with them the word of God.  That’s what drives me.” – DOROTHY


“Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress & refusing to let the world corrupt you”

James 1:27 (NLT)


March 17, 2020

  Dear Friends, The world has been blindsided by the corona virus. We’re all facing unchartered territory. For the next few months (maybe longer) we’ll be faced with a new normal of restrictions, “social distancing”, shortages, reduced essential services, travel...

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March 10, 2020

Through our partners we are able to provide Selenium -- the immune boosting mineral -- to people who's health is fragile or deteriorating (elderly, those living with HIV etc.). Selenium has shown such a great impact to all that are taking it that more people are...

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20 Years of Faithfulness!!

20 Years of Faithfulness!!

In1999 Jim Cantelon stood on the shores of the Indian Ocean. Here he felt called to minister to Orphans & Widows impacted by HIV and AIDS. Fast forward to 2019 and he was once again able to stand in the same spot. It started with what/who he knew: African pastors...

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WOW partners with local community organizations in sub-Saharan Africa as they care for orphans and widows.

WOW has always been about Home Based Care (HBC) for vulnerable orphans and widows. My initial call from the Lord was to “visit orphans and widows in their distress” (Jas 1:27) with a view to representing the Lord to them as “father to the fatherless and defender of widows” (Ps 68:5).

My marching orders were, “Every church a Mother Teresa”.

Jim Cantelon, WOW Founder and President

Where we Work

We currently work for orphans
and widows in Africa

Population:  18.6 Million
Capital: Lilongwe
% of People Living with HIV&AIDS (adults): 9.2%
Poverty Rate: 82.6%
Child marriage rate:  42%
Under 5 mortality rate (per 1000 births): 55.1

Population: 56.7 Million
Capital: Pretoria (Legislative Capital), Bloemfontein
(Judicial Capital) and Pretoria (Administrative Capital)
HIV prevalence rate (adults): 18.9%
Poverty Rate: 16.4%
Child marriage rate: 6%
Under 5 mortality rate (per 1000 births): 43.3

Population: 17.1 Million
Capital: Lusaka
HIV prevalence rate (adults): 12.4%
Poverty Rate: 67.0%
Child marriage rate: 31%
Under 5 mortality rate (per 1000 births) 63.4%

Why Malawi? >

Population: 15.9 Million
Capital: Lilongwe
# of people with HIV: 980,000
Poverty Rate: 50.7%
% of gender-based violence victims: 41.2
Infant mortality rate (per 1000 live births): 43.4

*Statistics taken from UNDP and UNAIDS

Why Uganda? >

Population: 39 Million
Capital: Kampala
# of people with HIV: 1.5 Million
Poverty Rate: 70.7%
% of gender-based violence victims: 31.2
Infant mortality rate (per 1000 live births): 37.7%

*Statistics taken from UNDP and UNAIDS

Why Zambia? >

Population: 16.2 Million
Capital: Lusaka
# of people with HIV: 1 200 000
Poverty Rate: 20.7%
% of gender-based violence victims: 21.2
Infant mortality rate (per 1000 live births): 43.3%

*Statistics taken from UNDP and UNAIDS

Source: UN Human Development Report (UNDP)