My daughter texted me this morning to inform me that she is “changing her classes.”

Her new list includes Biology, English, Functions, French, Chemistry, Kinesiology, and Data.

She is going into grade 12.

She is starting at a new school.

It was a huge change for a girl super connected in her old school, to leave all her friends, school clubs, and sports teams in her senior year, but she did it with a smile (and a few tears).

With back to school on everyone’s minds; the shopping, the anxiety about new teachers, new friends, new routines, and for some, new students, it is easy to forget that not everyone is losing a night’s sleep over the back to school blues; not everyone gets the privilege of attending school.

According to Paula Lerner’s Globe and Mail article, though the global rate of literacy in 2010 was up to 84%, 775 million people still cannot read. Lerner attributes this to the fact that 152 million children are not attending school.

What’s more is that women account for a whopping two thirds of those who cannot read. Lerner explains that “families in developing countries often struggle to pay school fees, and so are forced to choose which child to send to school. Boys are the preferred choice, as girls are seen as valuable household help for domestic chores”.

WOW is working hard in Zambia, where adult literacy rates are 61.4. Like Lerner’s article attests, in Zambia, the youth literacy rates are a mediocre 70.3 for males, however, the rate for females is only a shocking 58.5. Diligently labouring to see those barriers are removed, WOW is working with local schools, churches, and organizations through its program WOW Christmas with the goal to make education accessible to every child, regardless of gender.

$25 gives a child a WOW Christmas complete with new school uniforms, school supplies, and a special WOW Christmas party where the gospel is shared. The uniform is sewn by local widows in their tailoring business, allowing them to support their families. School supplies are purchased locally to invest in the economy. On top of all this, this year WOW is also giving the gift of literacy!

Beginning this year, with your $25 WOW Christmas support, you can also donate a book to help fill a library in Zambia where the library shelves are sparse and sometimes empty. We have also connected with Indigo bookstore so that, when indicated, a portion of books or gift cards purchased through Indigo is designated to WOW to cover shipping costs.

To find out more about how you can host a WOW Christmas event/ fundraiser in your school, church, organization, or office and how to utilize our Indigo bookstore fundraiser page contact today!