Shamabanse, located in Kabwe, Zambia

Shamabanse community profile

Shamabanse is located near the town of Kabwe. The community has a population of 20 000 and faces the constant struggle to rise above poverty. The unemployment rate is an alarming 80%, a figure that leads to deficits in nutrition, housing, care and education. Some families try to earn a living by trading, and many try to farm, but it is only a means to survival. There is no money for tuition or supplies and children struggle to attend school.

HIV/AIDS has affected the community dramatically, with a prevalence rate of 20%. Parents have died in many circumstances, leaving orphans left to cope with life alone. 11 churches are currently working on community projects, giving support to widows and orphans affected by HIV/AIDS.

The needs in the community

  • Continual home based care
  • Feeding programs and nutrition
  • Lack of pre-school education
  • Education programs and HIV awareness
  • Food security
  • Tuition fees and school supplies
  • Income-generating activities such as food gardens

What we are doing

  • Providing home-based care in the community
  • Purchasing food supplies and basic medicines for home-based care workers to distribute to patients
  • Providing school supplies and uniforms for orphaned and vulnerable children