Chibanga, located near Kabwe, Zambia

Chibanga community profile

Chibanga is a small village in Kabwe Rural, which is 35 km away from a town with a population of 545. The villagers do not have access to safe and clean drinking water. People have to draw water and do their laundry from a nearby stream, which normally dries up after the rainy season. Animals also drink from the same stream, making the water unsafe for the villagers.

Chibanga has more challenges th­an most rural communities. There is no clinic nearby and the nearest health centre is 40 km away, a four walk for a healthy adult. Paths leading away from the village become impassable by vehicle during the rainy season and make shift bridges crossing streams are often washed away with strong currents. During the rainy season children can no longer attend schools outside of Chibanga. To solve this problem villagers have begun their own school in a sub-standard building but as you can see in the picture to the left, the roof is unfinished leaving the children to bake in the sun during the dry season and soak during the rainy season. The school currently has 95 children.

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The needs in the community

  • Home based care
  • Feeding programs and nutrition
  • School building and school supplies
  • HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention
  • Food security
  • Fresh water
  • Income-generating activities

What we are doing

  • Digging a bore hole for fresh water
  • Providing school supplies
  • Providing school uniforms