Bwacha, located in Kabwe, Zambia

Bwacha community profile

Bwacha is one of the peri-urban areas of Kabwe town. There is one clinic in the area even though the population is approximately 12 000. Many families in Bwacha depend on small scale farming as their source of income and employment is very difficult to find. Sanitation is very bad and deep pit latrines are in desperate need. There are few places to obtain drinking water and shallow hand dug wells are contaminated by human waste. Education levels are very low and properly run schools are at a premium.

(Top) Children at Shekinah Glory School in front of the completed building in 2010 (Bottom) Phase 1 of school construction in 2008 (Right) WOW Christmas celebration in 2011

The needs in the community

  • A safe and secure school building for orphans (Completed 2010)
  • Income generating activities for widow/orphans (In progress)
  • HIV/AIDS centre for counselling and testing
  • Building deep pit latrines (Completed in 2009)
  • Building a centre for youth activities
  • Clean water for drinking (Borehole completed in 2009)
  • Food security
  • Teaching books
  • Housing for widows/orphans

What we are doing

  • Providing education to the orphans and under privileged
  • Providing food supplements
  • Training peer educators
  • Running a small scale poultry farm