Mtema, located near Lilongwe, Malawi

The community of Mtema

Your sponsored community of Mtema s located approximately 30 km north-est of Lilongwe and it is made up of 15 villages consisting of approximately 10,200 people.  WOW is currently operating in three villages which are 3-7 km apart.

Over 90% of the people in this community live under the poverty line.  Subsistence agriculture is the community’s main activity with maize crop being the most widely cultivated however due to lack of farm inputs and soil degradation they are unable to produce enough food to last throughout the year and malnutrition is rampant attributing to poor health and high child mortality rates.

Infrastructural development is virtually non-existent; most of the houses are built with water and mud.  Sanitation is poor and outbreaks of water borne diseases are common.  During the rainy season the roads become impassable and therefore the community is cut off from the main transport routes.

The needs in the community

  • Water and sanitation projects like pit latrines, eco-san projects and boreholes
  • Care for orphans and widows
  • Advocacy and protection for vulnerable groups including children, young women and widows
  • Basic health care for all
  • Food and nutrition assistance
  • Food security and food relief
  • Programs for youth
  • HIV/AIDS education, awareness and biblical teaching
  • Vocational training

What we are doing

  • Training home-based care workers
  • Running a feeding program for preschool children
  • Training volunteers for preschool program
  • Establishing a network of support groups for widows, youth, those infected with AIDS, young mothers
  • Building a Community Center to house outreach programs
  • Running small household level maize programs
  • Training pastors and community leaders in capacity building
  • Establishing and running a rape crisis counseling program