WOW Communities

“The WOW program is the strongest program because it brings together the widows, and it brings together the orphans, but above all it brings together members of the community.  The widow’s heart is now singing!”
– Theresa Malila, Somebody Cares Ministries, Malawi

WOW supports African Communities facing circumstances which are almost unimaginable.  While each community is unique, they all have one common element: severe poverty.  These areas are shanty towns which make up the poorest of the poor.  They are characterized by extreme rates of HIV and AIDS, a lack of nutrition, poor education and high unemployment rates. 

As donors join WOW they will be matched with a specific community and will receive information and regular updates about their community.  For every new donor, a designated community will receive funding for projects and programs where needed most.  Regular community meetings are held to identify areas of greatest need and create plans for transformation.  Women and orphaned and vulnerable children are always the first beneficiaries of donor assistance.   

Our vision is to walk alongside each community, giving them the support they need to overcome the devastation of poverty and the effects of HIV and AIDS.

How We Choose a Community:

When deciding whether a community is a good fit for our monthly sponsorship program, our prayer is to make an impact in communities of greatest need. Therefore, when we choose a community, we look for:

  • A high prevalence of HIV and AIDS
  • A high rate of poverty
  • Little access to external resources/support
  • Local churches engaged in community outreach to the vulnerable
  • A community champion, either an individual or group, committed to seeing transformational change
  • Relationships with community gatekeepers (chiefs, pastor, leaders)