Water & Sanitation

Living Water – Visionledd Borehole Projects from Visionledd on Vimeo.

“Water or food? If you had to choose one or the other what would it be?  The experts say, choose water.  Our stomachs say, choose food.  History says, the experts are right.  We can live several weeks without food, but dehydration can kill us in days.

But what if the water is compromised?  Polluted?  Defiled with human or animal waste?  If you have no choice you drink it – and live with chronic dysentery and disease.  And the irony of having to walk 2 or 3 hours to the water source to carry back this bacteria-laden load is too unjust for words.

Imagine then, a borehole producing clean, cool, endless water right there where you live?  Dysentery, disease and back-breaking carriage are suddenly gone.  A new chapter of freedom opens in your life.  It’s the first step to community transformation.”
Jim Cantelon, Founder and President, Visionledd

It is impossible to survive without water.  Yet, right now one in eight people in the world do not have access to safe drinking water.  Every day, thousands of children swallow water infested with disease and bacteria, ravaging their already weakened bodies.

Visionledd addresses this need head-on by drilling boreholes and wells in communities without access to clean water.  Widows and children who once walked for miles to bring home buckets of dirty river water are overjoyed at the presence of pure, flowing water.  Once clean water is available in a community, children are less likely to become sick and income-generating activities such as raising livestock have the opportunity to thrive.  New hope arises as the work load of women and young girls, who spend many hours each day fetching water, is reduced and a water source is provided for market gardens in the dry season providing income generating opportunities for women and improved nutrition for entire families.

When funds are donated towards a borehole, a local drilling company with the best reputation and the best price is hired to travel to the village where its employees camp out for several days while the drilling takes place.  Some boreholes require deep drilling past the bedrock to reach clean water, affecting the end cost, but ensuring clean naturally filtered water.  A hand pump is then installed and a cement base is formed to help direct any overflow of water away from the standing area and sometimes a concrete laundry basin is also made a few feet away.  The water quality is tested and the community leaders are presented with a final certificate verifying its purity.  Several people are trained in the maintaining of the pump.

The average cost for Visionledd to provide a community with fresh water ranges from $10,000 to $13,000 CAD.