Medical care is considered a basic necessity of life by many.  But for a widow or orphan ravaged by AIDS in a remote African village, medical care is often nothing more than a distant dream. Outside the reach of urban hospitals and clinics, thousands die every year from treatable diseases.

Bringing medical teams and supplies into villages throughout sub-Saharan Africa, we ensure that those in need of care will have access to it without needing to make a difficult trip to the city. The clinics offer HIV testing, counseling and treat a number of diseases that too often claim lives.

Visionledd’s Mobile Medical Clinic Project is building on the foundation laid by our earlier medical projects.  Recently Visionledd, in partnership with Crossroads, concluded a three year CIDA funded mobile medical project.  The clinics which ran in 10 communities in Zambia, brought primary health care (PHC) to over 63,000 people.  Over 67,000 people have been educated on the basic facts of HIV.  The project provided training for community health care workers and as a direct result the Ministry of Health in Zambia continues to provide free HIV testing kits through the ongoing operation of the mobile clinics. Qualified nurses and counsellors are working in these clinics but funding is needed for the clinics to continue.

  • Cost per patient is approximately $4 – $5
  • Cost per clinic is $1,130 per month or $13,560 per year