Education is the key to transformation. When a child is equipped with knowledge and skills, they are empowered to overcome the obstacles of extreme poverty. As a new generation rises full of hope and purpose, the future of nations will be transformed.

Visionledd, together with its partners, support schools across sub-Saharan Africa. From building facilities to covering the cost of school fees, supplies and uniforms, we are committed to giving orphaned and vulnerable children the opportunity for education.

All too often children are seen wandering the streets, working in fields or even in local brothels because they cannot afford to attend school.  Countries such as Zambia and Malawi report free education for primary school aged children but thousands of children are still unable to attend school because their parent do not have the funds required for mandatory uniforms and books.  Without the possibility of education children are left without hope and are destined to live the same life of poverty as their parents. A literate society is essential to economic development and increased engagement in the global community. Without basic literacy, economic development cannot occur.

Given the opportunity to learn, children provide the human resource foundation for sustaining a powerful economic engine in Africa.

Community School Project Breakdown:

  • School Building – two classrooms, office and storage – $21,000 CAD
  • Teachers House  – $4,600 CAD
  • Deep Pit Latrines – $6,000 CAD