What We Do

We bring hope and healing to the most vulnerable persons living in communities affected by HIV, AIDS, and poverty. This involves not just physical relief and aid to individuals, but spiritual and emotional transformation of entire communities. When the Church understands God’s calling of righteousness and justice for fellow neighbours, local churches become the catalyst of change within their communities.

Every school project, every borehole, every mobile medical appointment, is carried out in the name of Jesus. We reach increasing numbers of widows and orphans every year by partnering with key, existing Christian leaders and organizations on the field. Through them, we carry out a number of essential life-giving programs. In addition to these relief and development projects, a core part of our ministry is building the capacity of the African Church and its local organizations through pastoral training and youth empowerment programs.










Visionledd is responding to the needs of the vulnerable through wholistic intervention. Through our WOW (Women for Orphans and Widows) program, donors can support a specific community on an ongoing basis. Learn more about the difference community sponsorship makes! Through conferences, bible studies and training, Visionledd shares a biblical message of righteousness and justice with thousands of pastors, community leaders and youth.  A biblical worldview of leadership, marriage, church and culture, women’s rights and the calling of the Church are making waves of change in communities! Learn more!

Visionledd’s school-building program is a tangible and proven means of transforming the lives of impoverished children by providing safe, healthy places for children to learn while giving them access to clean water and nutritional food. Read more about the power of education in the lives of vulnerable children! Every day, 26,000 children needlessly die from preventable diseases. Visionledd provides vital pharmaceuticals through our mobile medical clinics that save the lives of orphans, vulnerable children and widows desperate to receive help. Learn more about how Visionledd provides essential medical services! Water-borne diseases such as dysentery, cholera and typhoid are dramatically reduced with access to clean water and sanitation facilities. Visionledd drills boreholes and digs deep pit latrines bringing new hope for the overall health, income-generation opportunities and well-being of vulnerable families. Learn more!