Our Work

Local partner, chief Theresa Malila, engaging the widows support group in Mandala, Malawi.

We equip African churches to care for orphans and widows.

Working in sub-Saharan Africa, the prevalence of HIV & AIDS has created the largest number of orphans and widows in history. Women and children are particularly vulnerable to the impact and affects of HIV & AIDS in poverty-stricken communities; resulting in child-headed households, gender-based violence, food insecurity, and a lack of income, healthcare, education and clean water.

And yet, the African church body is the most powerful and pervasive entity in Africa today. More influential and sustainable than any political, ideological or military force, having existed for over 1,700 years.

What if every church made it their mission to serve the vulnerable?

WOW imparts a biblical message of righteousness and justice (right relationship with God, right relationship with people), to thousands of African pastors and church leaders every year through conferences and training.

From here, local champions who have caught this vision begin to emerge. Through training, they learn to use existing resources (usually “manpower”) to care for the vulnerable in their communities. Once a commitment to serve orphans and widows has been demonstrated, we come alongside to offer additional resources to enhance and expand the impact of their work. The remarkable thing is, in the process of lifting up the weakest, the orphan and the widow, entire communities are lifted from the bonds of poverty and transformed for life.