WOW MotherCare

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WOW MotherCare

In the next 24 hours, 800 African women will die during pregnancy or childbirth.

In remote rural communities, pregnancy and childbirth is life threatening.  With no access to healthcare, women risk their lives for the life of their child.  Simple preventative healthcare including prenatal vitamins, education, regular checkups and trained birth attendants save lives. Pre/post natal mobile clinics can provide essential healthcare and identify possible complications early and refer patients to engage in the next level of medical care where necessary.

We invite you to provide a gift to a young mother during her pregnancy and to assist her in the care of her preschool child.  Your gift will provide the healthcare she needs as she carries, births and cares for her children for one year of the first five years of motherhood.

A gift of $260 provides everything needed to equip a mobile clinic and provide training for community healthcare workers and traditional birth attendants to care for a mother and her two children for a full year.

You can donate online to support a mother and her two children right now!

Each donation will help WOW to equip a mobile clinic with items such as:

  • Midwifery weigh sling
  • Baby weigh scale
  • Precision analog adult weigh scale
  • Operating scissors
  • Oral thermometer
  • LED Crank Flash Light
  • Blood pressure unit
  • Sterile birthing kits
  • Stethoscope
  • Adult and child pain medication
  • Adult and child vitamins
  • Oral rehydration medicines
  • Baby and mother health records

Please pray and give generously.

A mother is clothed with strength and dignity;

she can laugh at the days to come.