WOW Christmas

WOW Christmas

The unique Christmas program that provides vulnerable children with much-needed gifts of school supplies and school uniforms while supporting their local economy!

WOW Christmas from Visionledd on Vimeo.

A gift of just $25 gives a child a WOW Christmas, complete with a new school uniform, school supplies, and a special WOW Christmas Party in which the Gospel message is shared! The school uniforms are sewn by local widows in our income-generating programs and the supplies are purchased from local vendors!

We want to make 2016 the best year yet! Our goal is to help at least 5,000 children in Zambia and Northern Uganda.

You can donate online to support one or more children right now!

Watch this video from one of our recent WOW Christmas parties in Zambia, illustrating the important spiritual impact of WOW Christmas!


You can also get your church, school or group involved by ordering your WOW Christmas Kit.  Sign up and you will receive a travelling backpack full of everything you need to facilitate the program including:

  • a promotional video as seen above
  • informational engagement pieces and pledge packages
  • Christmas cards to send to children in Africa
  • a backpack luggage tag identifying your group
  • mini-posters to promote the program

After you’ve collected the pledge forms and Christmas greeting cards in the backpack, we will pick it up and take it with us to a WOW Christmas party in Africa where children benefitting from your gifts will send beautiful thank you notes back to your group. Each child will write a special note of thanks and trace an outline of their own hands right onto the thank you cards.

To order your WOW Christmas Kit or if you would like more information email us at or send us a message through the Contact Us page and complete your name, address and phone number.

A WOW Christmas gift lasts the whole year – a year of education that a child will never lose. Consider joining WOW Christmas today!

Give a gift in honour of someone you love!

Make sure you include their name and address in the memo line so we can send them a Christmas card detailing their gift.

“Every year, the response to WOW Christmas in our church grows and grows! It’s a simple concept with a far-reaching impact that people immediately understand. From providing the tools for education that children actually need, to helping widows earn a living, to providing a joyful celebration in which the Gospel is shared, WOW Christmas makes sense on so many levels!”

– Pastor Doreen Johnston, Crosslands Church, Newmarket, Ontario