Patch Parties

WOW Patch Parties

Though the heat of the African sun can be assaulting during the day, the night time can be very cold. Many African children lie on the hard floor to sleep with no blankets or warmth.

The WOW Patch Making Party is a way for your community or church group to come together to comfort that child and her family. When you choose to host a WOW Patch Making Party, you and your friends will create simple quilt patches that express your creativity and your love for the orphans of Africa.

Here’s how it works… Your WOW Patch Making Party kit has everything you need to host your own gathering. We’ll provide you will step-by-step instructions, helpful tips for creating your patches and ideas to get you started!

After your party, your donations and the patches you make will be sent overseas where African women will sew them into a quilt and donate that handmade treasure to a child who has been orphaned by AIDS. The skills these women learn during the creation of the quilt will also be used to foster their own business and establish a sustainable income for their family.

Your WOW Patch Making Party provides hope and encouragement for orphans and widows in Africa whose lives have been devastated by HIV/AIDS.

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