The Impacts of Easy Access to Medical Care

Maria is 65 and lives in Pambazana, Zambia. She should be in her golden years, but her two grandchildren relay on her for care. Unfortunately, a backache, a cough and chest pains are preventing her from properly caring for her young grandchildren. Maria‚Äôs story is common in communities like Pambazana. Children who have been left […]

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We Are All Cut from the Same Cloth

For Elina, life seemed to be falling apart at the seams. Her husband had unsteady work in their village of Pambanzana, Zambia, they struggled to feed their 6 children and their house leaked everytime it rained. Elina needed something before everything came apart. So God gave her a needle and some thread to stitch her […]

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Women Lead Charge for Transformation

The people of Pambazana have been animal herders for generations, but in recent years the effects of HIV and AIDS have ripped apart the delicate fabric of their community. Households headed by widows and children are the norm, many women caring for extended family members because so many children have been orphaned. But hope came […]

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