Our Vision

We believe in a world where churches are the hands and feet of Jesus in their communities, ministering to orphans, widows and others infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

With a church focus, we strive to be catalytic and facilitative with a commitment to sustainable mobilization and transformation.

Our call is to see ― Every Church a Mother Teresa.

North America

In North America, Visionledd is building a movement of churches committed to walking alongside African churches and ministries who are carrying out community-based HIV/AIDS ministry that leads to community transformation. This is done in four primary ways:

Catalyzing churches for involvement in the HIV/AIDS pandemic – locally and globally through:

  • The speaking and writing ministry of our founder, Jim Cantelon.
  • Connecting churches with African churches and ministries on the front lines of HIV and AIDS and community transformation ministries.
  • Coaching churches as they engage with their African partners in ministry.
  • Creating partnerships between North American churches and African churches by increasing the effectiveness of ministry initiatives and creating a climate for building relationships, solving problems and engaging in new opportunities.


In Africa, Visionledd engages with:

  • The poorest of the poor.
  • Communities characterized by high rates of HIV and AIDS infection.
  • Communities that have few external resources or partners.
  • Indigenous church, community and national Christian leaders who are already engaged in effective community-based HIV/AIDS ministries.

Visionledd is also:

  • Building the capacity of local African churches, helping them battle against HIV/AIDS and work for community transformation.
  • Building partnerships and networks with like-minded churches, ministries and leaders.