In 1999, Jim and Kathy Cantelon began Visionledd with a desire to awaken the church in Africa and North America to the growing threat of HIV and AIDS.

Visionledd partners with local churches in Africa, training leaders and pastors on the foundations of the Christian faith. By motivating, educating, equipping, and facilitating connections within African communities, positive change spreads through biblical teachings and practical care in areas suffering from the devastating effects of HIV and AIDS.

By developing partnerships between churches in North America to churches in Africa, we can increase the effectiveness of ministry initiatives and create a climate for building relationships, solving problems and engaging in new opportunities. Visionledd connects destitute communities characterized by high rates of HIV infection who have few external resources with indigenous churches and/or national Christian leaders who are already engaged in effective community-based AIDS ministries.

This vision of a true Christian community, helping one another, came to Jim over 10 years ago as he visited Africa and saw a nation trembling on the precipice of the world’s greatest disaster. He had a dream of the sick being cared for by the healthy; of a Mother Theresa; of the North American church reaching out to help the local African churches fight the battle against the AIDS pandemic. That vision has now effectively spread throughout communities across the continent.

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Visionledd is a catalytic Christian charity that is 100% passionate about transforming communities affected by HIV, AIDS and poverty

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